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    The Fondation Espace Ecureuil is an exhibition venue right in the centre of Toulouse sponsored by the Caisse d'Epargne Midi-Pyrénées.

    This art centre is dedicated to contemporary art and the programming is oriented towards artists who wish to put forward in their works a clear link with current everyday life, its reality, its desires and its dreams.

    As a starting point for our approach to art, a text by Georges Pérec is inscribed on one of the Foundation's walls. It says two things about the commitment of this art centre : first, the wish to establish a relationship with the « infra-ordinary », the « infra-thin » which guides the Foundation as far as artistic management is concerned. Second, the will to remain open to artistic practices other than visual arts. For instance, our choices will also put forward literature. Our awareness of the importance of language in contemporary art makes us give the floor to the artists who have chosen this medium (see the Foundation collection).
    The Fondation Espace Ecureuil welcomes visual artists whose works will find their right place within the 400 m2 of the Foundation. This is a space where artworks can breathe and the public can encounter them.

    Thanks to our programming, we accompany the contemporary creation in which we believe, the creation which makes us perceive our relationship to the world. By means of our constant commitment within cultural media, we wish to give the visitor – whether he be an occasional visitor, an enthusiast, well-versed or « professional » - the possibility of seeing the work echo his own life experience.
    Through our educational service and the training of the youngest among us, we assert our commitment towards knowledge and the future.

    The entire team at the Foundation places great emphasis on this word « encounter ». It is our mission to help the public encounter the artwork, that is to say, see it, observe it and think about it as we are well aware that a cultural appreciation of an artistic creation gives one the tools to reflect about the world.

    L'espace de notre vie n'est ni continu, ni infini, ni homogène, ni isotrope. Mais sait-on précisément où il se brise, où il se courbe, où il se déconnecte et où il se rassemble ? On sent confusément des fissures, des hiatus, des points de friction, on a parfois la vague impression que ça se coince quelque part, ou que ça éclate, ou que ça se cogne. Nous cherchons rarement à en savoir davantage et le plus souvent nous passons d'un endroit à l'autre, d'un espace à l'autre sans songer à mesurer, à prendre en charge, à prendre ne compte ces laps d'espace. Le problème n'est pas d'inventer l'espace, encore moins de le ré-inventer (trop de gens bien intentionnés sont là aujourd'hui pour penser notre environnement …), mais de l'interroger, ou, plus simplement encore, de le lire ; car ce que nous appelons quotidienneté n'est pas évidence, mais opacité : une forme de cécité, un manière d'anesthésie.
    C'est à partir de ces constations élémentaires que s'est développé ce livre, journal d'un usager de l'espace.

    Georges Perec
    Espèces d'espaces

    • Martine Camillieri,
      Martine Camillieri, "Banalités", 2011
      Martine Camillieri, "Banalités", 2011
    • Alexandra Ruszkiewicz,
      Alexandra Ruszkiewicz, "De chaque jour qui se fait revient tous les jours", 2012
      Alexandra Ruszkiewicz, "De chaque jour qui se fait revient tous les jours", 2012
    • TOPOS, 2012
      TOPOS, 2012
      TOPOS, 2012


    Tél. 05 62 30 23 30 - contact(at)caisseepargne-art-contemporain(.)fr
    Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 19: 30 pm and the first Sunday of the month from 15 am to 19 pm 30.
    Free admission