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    feb 7, 2020 > apr 25, 2020
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    We did not know what your eyes were looking at

    Collective exhibition from February 7 to April 25, 2020
    Exhibition curator: Alexandre Curnier

    You have certainly already experienced this- when you find yourself in the everyday life, just a stop in front of an ephemeral event: this time in the day, just after 3 pm, when a burst of yellow light redraws and warms the corner of a forgotten wall (je ne suis pas sure pour cette phrase…). This solitary experience raises our awareness with regards to what we call “the poetry”. "Poetry is a reconquest of 'I', but as a transformation". Thus, we should accept to move into this space. Because to enter is to assert oneself in a field of solitude, to embrace invisible cushions of emotions and to reflect on who we really are.
    The artists approach this "luminous reality”, engage with it, in order to help us reclaim a personal perspective through a change of color, a sentence, etc. It is not about traveling in a parallel world -- nor in that of knowledge, but towards that of the senses. Each piece of work in this exhibition has been chosen as an index, a teaching material, a track, a directive or an aide-memoire that can help us take this path, bringing it to power.
    “At night in the darkness a gleam leaps from within the eye: or again we make no effort to see anything; the eyelids close; yet a light flashes before us; or we rub the eye and it sees the light it contains. This is sight without the act, but it is the truest seeing, for it sees light whereas its other objects were the lit, not the light. ” Plotin, V, 5, 7, 25.

    Alexandre Curnier

    Tél. 05 62 30 23 30 - contact(at)caisseepargne-art-contemporain(.)fr
    Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 19: 30 pm and the first Sunday of the month from 15 am to 19 pm 30.
    Free admission