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    • Sylvie Corroler
      Sylvie Corroler
      Sylvie Corroler
    • Julie Rouge
      Julie Rouge
      Julie Rouge
    • Frederic Jourdain
      Frederic Jourdain
      Frederic Jourdain
    • Marion Viollet
      Marion Viollet
      Marion Viollet

    Sylvie Corroler-Talairach, manages the Fondation Espace Ecureuil, defines the artistic programming and the activities associated with the exhibitions. She is in charge of developing partnerships with other structures within this region or elsewhere in France (Trend Union, Cinémathèque de Toulouse, Espace des Arts, centre d'art de Colomiers…). A trained art historian, Sylvie Corroler-Talairach gives an annual cycle of lectures at the Foundation and at the Caisse d'Epargne de Midi-Pyrénées.

    Julie Rouge is the Assistant Manager. Together with Sylvie Corroler-Talairach, she coordinates the follow-up of exhibition projects and she is sometimes in charge of organizing exhibitions. She is also responsible for dealing with the various sections of the general public and she coordinates the educational service.

    Marion Viollet is an art educator, in charge of welcoming the public. She guides accompanied visits and she takes part in the designing of different kind of tools (Cards, Grids, Reading systems) offered to the public for a better understanding of the works displayed.

    Frédéric Jourdain is in charge of the educational service of the Foundation. A visual arts teacher, he is a project leader, on secondment to the Foundation, from the Education Authority. He is in charge of training teachers, of designing the teaching aids and the project set up every year in the secondary schools and Lycées in the Midi-Pyrénées region.

    • Charly, Marie
      Charly, Marie
      Charly, Marie
    • François

    The Foundation works with several independant colleagues :

    Dominique Arnaud, is a press officer for the Foundation (the Anouk Dequé Communication Agency). All through the year, she communicates about Foundation activities for the regional press, she organises the annual press conference and she boosts the activities developed by the Foundation for communication professionals

    Ronald Curchod, is a graphic designer and an illustrator. He created the graphic standards of the Foundation and designs the communication materials for each exhibition (invitation cards, exhibition room texts, postcards, DVDs, advertising inserts….). He works closely with Benoit Grandchamps, a printer from the company « Reprint » on which the Foundation has depended, for many years, for the printing of all its documents.

    Francois Talairach is a photographer and a video director, he takes pictures of each of the exhibitions and directs films about each artist in the form of an interview with the exhibition curator. He also takes part in the making of the educational DVD by filming the students in their class throughout the year.

    Charles Posas is an art-handler and has worked at the Foundation for 20 years. Each time he sets up an exhibition, he drills, nails down, lines-up, organises…and lives the exhibition by installing it in a space he knows by heart.

    Marie Dallard treats us to her original dishes at every opening. Her meals are spicy and colourful, in line with her company name « Amour, gloire et banquet ». In her menu, she never forgets to nod in the direction of the works displayed.

    Leila El Bouhali is in charge of the cleaning at the Foundation and works there daily to make the place neat and tidy.

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